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Shakti Yoga Women's Circle
A womb-centered yoga for woman to connect to Shakti - our Feminine Power and our Sacred Energy.

Event Description

You are invited to join me for Shakti Yoga Women’s Circle


Shakti yoga is a yoga practice designed to support you to deeply connect with your divine feminine essence.

This feminine approach to yoga honors the sacredness of the womb and guides you through a transformative journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and spiritual awakening.

🔻 This is the essence of Shakti Yoga.

Shakti Yoga is a unique and powerful practice designed for those with wombs, or who have had wombs, and wish to connect with the Divine Feminine. Through a combination of mudras (hand gestures), mantras (sacred chants), guided movement, and organic exploration, Shakti Yoga invites us to embody the wisdom and grace of the Goddess and tap into the creative power within us all.

Join us as we journey through the divine realms of Shakti Yoga and discover the transformative potential of embracing our feminine essence.


🌹 Offering you a nourishing 2.5 hour practice to slow down, move, and awaken your divine feminine energy.

🌹 This is a weekly in-person practice, running for 5 weeks from my Home Temple in Richardson, ACT.

🌹 Thursday evenings 6:30-9pm.


About Shakti Yoga

🔻 Shakti Yoga has its roots in the ancient wisdom of Tantra, a spiritual path that seeks to unite the polarities of masculine (Shiva) and feminine (Shakti) energies within the individual and the cosmos. In Tantra, the divine feminine is revered as the creative force that gives birth to all life and drives the continuous cycles of creation, preservation, and destruction. Shakti, the feminine principle, is the very essence of life itself, and embracing her energy is essential for spiritual growth and transformation.

Unlike many yoga practices which often focus on the more masculine aspects of strength, discipline, and control, Shakti Yoga offers a counterbalance by emphasizing the feminine qualities of fluidity, receptivity, and nurturing. This enables us to access and embody the full spectrum of our divine potential, bringing harmony and balance to our practice and our lives.

🔻 One of the defining features of Shakti Yoga is its focus on womb-centered practice. The womb is regarded as the seat of Shakti energy and the source of our creative potential. By directing our attention and intention to the womb, we can tap into the wellspring of feminine wisdom and power within us and cultivate a deep and nourishing connection with our own bodies and the divine.

Shakti Yoga is designed specifically for those with wombs, or who have had wombs, as it recognizes the unique physiological, emotional, and energetic experiences of the womb. Through practices that honor and support the cyclical nature of our bodies, Shakti Yoga invites us to embrace our fullness and wholeness, and to celebrate the sacredness of our feminine essence.

🔻 By incorporating mudras, mantras, and guided movement that resonate with the womb and the feminine energy centers, Shakti Yoga helps us to awaken and activate our connection with the divine feminine. Through this process, we can access the deep well of intuitive wisdom, creativity, and healing that resides within us all.


What to Expect

🔻 Shakti Yoga incorporates a variety of practices designed to help us connect with and embody the divine feminine energy. Mudras, or sacred hand gestures, are used to channel and direct the flow of energy within our bodies, and to invoke specific qualities or aspects of the divine feminine. By using mudras in combination with mantras, or sacred chants, we can create a powerful resonance in our bodies, minds, and spirits that help us align with the divine feminine essence.

Guided feminine yoga movements is also an integral part of Shakti Yoga, as it encourages us to explore and express the innate wisdom of our bodies, cultivate self-awareness, and deepens our connection with our bodies and the divine.

🔻 We also explore organic movement through gentle and flowing sequences, and we are invited to tune into our own unique rhythms and to move in ways that feel authentic and nourishing.

All women are invited to share their experience which supports our voice being heard and enhances sisterhood, connection and community.



🔻 At the heart of Shakti Yoga is the practice of embodiment, which refers to the process of fully inhabiting and experiencing our bodies as sacred vessels for the divine. Through practices that engage our physical, emotional, and energetic bodies, we can cultivate a deep sense of presence, awareness, and reverence for the temple that is our body.

As we engage in Shakti Yoga, we are also invited to integrate the wisdom and insights that arise from our practice into our daily lives. This process of integration is essential for experiencing the full benefits of Shakti Yoga, as it allows us to carry the transformative power of the divine feminine into our relationships, our work, and our personal growth.

🔻 Through the practice of Shakti Yoga, we can access and embody the divine feminine essence within us, and through this connection, we can transform our lives and the world around us. As we continue to explore and embrace the sacred wisdom and power of the divine feminine, we can cultivate a more balanced, holistic, and harmonious experience of life, and truly embody the grace and beauty of the Goddess.


This practice is for females only.


Term 4

~ 5 Week Series ~

October 12th – November 9th

Circles are now being offered on a sliding scale and you can choose which prices feels most aligned for you.

What Women Are Saying

Nicole Chini
Nicole ChiniLover & Author
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For those who are curious and thinking about joining one of Kate's circles. Do it. I've attended a few of Kate's circles and every single one of them leaves me feeling more in touch and more IN love with my own self than any other "practice" I can give myself. Kate offers a beautiful safe haven for women to get together, share, dance and move without judgement. Highly recommend isn't a strong enough word for this ❤
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I have been doing Kate's dance circle for over two years, and I must say I rarely miss a class. This dance session has become part of my weekly ritual, where I find myself anchoring my intentions for the week and also calling in my soul journey as I begin the week. As a therapist, I find these sessions a powerful somatic self-healing ritual in enhancing my ability to stay present to myself. I couldn't recommend these sessions highly enough if you are looking for a tool to increase somatic awareness and develop intimacy with your body and sensations💜. Kate's ability to hold a gentle, empathic and safe container is pretty spesh. Quite the offering!
Kerrie Martin
Kerrie MartinEnergy Healer
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I highly recommend coming along. Kate’s classes are amazing, I’m loving them so much and they are helping me in all areas of my life. Plus, I love how loved and supported we are in our beautiful circle- it feels so safe to be heard and to share x
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Thanks Kate for the beautiful session today. I just wanted you to know -so so relaxing -your voice is soothing and it was beautifully guided throughout. -the flow of the sequences was great -the music was also well chosen -the atmosphere & setting was beautiful & warm
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I’m so grateful for the circles - they are incredibly grounding, nourishing and liberating, and I’m really starting to feel shifts from the cumulative effect too. It’s a beautiful journey each time with all the thoughtful details from the anointing essence at the start to the fire (during winter), altar space and poetry. And your personal flavour and gifts create the fullness of the experience - from the banging playlists, your infamous voice, the emotional safety to express and be held and witnessed and the deep feminine guidance to slowly and naturally weave us into connection with our bodies.