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Her Story Circle
HerStory is a Women-only space where we gather to share our journey and stories in circle.


Women have long gathered in circles to share their stories, thoughts, ideas and experiences. Circles offer a gentle space for women to come together and share. Circle is for all women of all ages and all walks of life who are looking to nourish their soul though connection, celebration and community.
HerStory is a Women-only space where we gather to share our journey and stories, in the beautiful space of circle. It is a space for women to connect within, to give the gift of listening to other women, and receive the gift of being heard and seen.
‌‌Offering in Circle:‌
RITUAL to cross the threshold into sacred space,‌
MEDITATION to ground ourselves and connect to our own inner senses,
‌STORY to see what that sparks within,
‌JOURNALING to allow the mind to flow,
‌MOVEMENT to awaken and celebrate our body,
‌SHARING to connect to our voices, speak our stories and be heard by each other on a deep level.
‌Held in Richardson, ACT.


May 10, 2022

Customer Reviews

Nicole Chini
Nicole ChiniLover & Author
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For those who are curious and thinking about joining one of Kate's circles. Do it. I've attended a few of Kate's circles and every single one of them leaves me feeling more in touch and more IN love with my own self than any other "practice" I can give myself. Kate offers a beautiful safe haven for women to get together, share, dance and move without judgement. Highly recommend isn't a strong enough word for this ❤
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Kate has a mesmerising voice and her guided movement meditations are definitely a journey where one gets to say hello to oneself. There have been many moments of finding out more about why I feel the way I do and going hi I didn’t know that about you Jaisy! Good to know. Ha ha! Definitely a wonderful way to tend and befriend one’s body and senses. Kate’s circle has been and continues to be a truly life enhancing experience.
Kerrie Martin
Kerrie MartinEnergy Healer
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I highly recommend coming along. Kate’s classes are amazing, I’m loving them so much and they are helping me in all areas of my life. Plus, I love how loved and supported we are in our beautiful circle- it feels so safe to be heard and to share x
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Thanks Kate for the beautiful session today. I just wanted you to know -so so relaxing -your voice is soothing and it was beautifully guided throughout. -the flow of the sequences was great -the music was also well chosen -the atmosphere & setting was beautiful & warm