Almost every morning I Dance 💃

Waking my body. Moving, stretching, exploring, feeling.

Some mornings are emotionally intense, some are pretty blah.

It always is what it needs to be.

This isn’t dance for an audience. It’s not about how it looks. This is about the dance I welcome my body to lead me in.

It is about the movement to feel, to express….to allow. To undo the should’s. Undo the ease of numbness. And somehow, along the way, I created a structure for this movement flow… connect, gently awake and stretch, move freely, and offered this to women.

To be in circle with each other. While we move our own unique bodies, to our own unique rhythm. It’s an inwards journey…..we don’t watch others, we immense in our own experience.

Our own sensations, our own pulse.☀️

What is within you that would like to express in its bloom? ❤️