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Transforming Touch

Supporting balance between the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual  self.
Transforming the Experienced-Based Brain® (TEB) Created by Dr. Stephen Terrell is known as a relational, transforming and healing  somatic modality that’s designed to regulate our nervous system. 
Regulation is known to reduce disruptive or reactive behaviors, build relationships, and increase our learning capacity. 
This attachment focused treatment that was developed by Stephan when he came to the realization that there needed to be a way to reach non-verbal, or early developmental trauma, without spoken language. 
In a Transforming Touch session a set protocol is used to build somatic trust in the recipient’s body.
Touch is offered to key areas of stress physiology, such as the kidney adrenals and brainstem.
Sessions can also be given without touch – using Transforming Presence, where our attention and intention travels around your physiology as guided by me and my voice.
This means that Transforming Touch can be offered in person and online.
“Where intention goes, energy flows” is a key principle in Transforming Touch

INITIAL Transforming Touch Session

The Initial Transforming Touch Session is typically up to 75 minutes.

Sessions can be either:

  • In person with the client lying fully clothed on the massage table for the session at my home clinic in Richardson, ACT.
  • Online where the client will typically be seated in a chair for the session.

Upon booking please indicate which is your preference.

Follow up sessions are typically 45 minutes and can be booked here. It is recommended that sessions are booked at regular intervals to support safety and regulation.

For more information on Transforming Touch visit the website here.

What People Say

Kate Gutierrez
Kate GutierrezHealer, Menstruality Mentor, & Embodiment Guide
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I had three TEB sessions with Kate and in all I felt held and supported. Kate paced these sessions beautifully which soothed my nervous system. Healing wasn’t limited to the sessions themselves either - I experienced good sleep and emotional shifts in the days following. Highly recommended!