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Sound, Women’s Circles & the nervous system

Kate Dillon |
In the women’s circles I offer, there is always an invitation to express sound.
Perhaps it is a soft sigh
Perhaps it is a primal roar
It comes with an invitation to connect into how your body wants to express in sound
And feel how that sound creates vibrations in your body
Allowing that to be medicine for your body.
Being with the sound and vibrations also adds to the capacity to bring in more presence into your body.
At first this can seem a little weird and perhaps a little uncomfortable – as mostly we are silenced or learn to only express in certain ways. So I’m adding a dash of science to spark curiosity if this is new to you!
The longest cranial nerve in the body is called the vagus nerve which travels from the brain all the way to the lower organs.
The vagus nerve is central to the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for resting and relaxation and can be stimulated in pleasant ways, increasing the capacity to relax in our body.
One way to stimulate the vagus nerve is through sound. The ear and hearing have a substantial effect on the body become of its proximity to the vagus nerve. We can stimulate the ear and therefore the parasympathetic nervous system via the connection to the vagus nerve.
Singing, humming, chanting, sounding etc can promote good health through vagus nerve stimulation.
And this is a dash of the ‘why’ sound is so powerful and a medicine for your own body!
How many times have you ‘swallowed’ down your words?
Silenced yourself?
This is an invitation to free your expression from the confines of expectation.
I invite you to consider that your voice is your own medicine.
Reclaim your voice.
Reclaim your expression.
Reclaim your medicine.