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Kate Dillon

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Shakti Yoga

Woman’s Retreat

You are invited to join me for a luscious 3 hour womb-centred yoga retreat

🌹 Luxurious 3 hour Yoga Retreat

🌹 Offering Women a Womb-Centred Yoga practice to slow down, feel, and nourish their relationship to their womb, heart & voice via a guided movement journey.

🌹 A small intimate Circle at my Home Temple in Richardson, ACT

🌹 Includes a sharing circle and light refreshments

Upcoming Dates:

⚡ Sunday 28th July 4-7pm

🔻 Shakti Yoga Women’s Retreat is for women who are looking for practice that offers a journey of deep self connection, and who wish to nourish their connection to their womb, heart and voice, within a sacred container of sisterhood.
💃 In this beautiful and grounding practice, women are gently guided to connect to their bodies and welcome in the wisdom of their own body experience through both structed and organic movement.

What Does Shakti Mean?

Shakti is a Sanskrit word which describes the innate power in reality, its energy and aliveness that exists in all of creation. Shakti is also the concept, or personification, of divine feminine creative power.

❤️‍🔥 Shakti is Innate Power.

❤️‍🔥 Shakti is Sacred Energy.

❤️‍🔥 Shakti is Life Force.

❤️‍🔥 Shakti is the creative energy of the Universe.

What to Expect

🔴 In Shakti Yoga we gather and  practice in the shape of a Circle. This is always a beautiful reminder  of the history of women who have long gathered in circles to share their  stories, thoughts, ideas and experiences, and a reminder that there is no hierarchy – we are all equal. Circles are valuable and important as  they give us time and space to honour ourselves individually and also collectively, while cultivating the container of sisterhood.
In Shakti Yoga, we connect to our sensual nature through the portals of our senses. The beautiful Rose oil & Rose spray is included in most practices, though other scents are used at times. A lovingly curated playlist engages our sense of hearing, a centre altar is placed to draw our gaze, the soft rug we sit on feels delightful under the fingertips. All these aspects have been chosen to connect to our sensual nature and to support women to drop into their body to deepen their embodied presence.
🔻 A Shakti yoga flow always incorporates connecting into the pelvic bowl and the womb space, to deepen our felt sense of our womb space and the vitality that lives within the pelvis. We connect by being curious and noticing sensation.
Guided feminine yoga movements are an integral part of Shakti Yoga and during practice women are somatically guided through gentle and flowing sequences, which also include exploring organic movement. This is an invitation to tune into our own unique rhythms and to move in ways that feel authentic and nourishing. This encourages women to explore and express the innate wisdom of their bodies, cultivate self-awareness, and deepens their connection with their bodies.
🔻 The voice is seen as a powerful medicine and why singing is a part of practice. This could be singing along to a song or a specific mantra to connect to the energies and frequency of a specific goddess. Women are also invited to share their experience at the end of practice which supports feeling heard and enhances sisterhood, connection and community.
Shakti Yoga gives space to slow down and feel the body with the intention to enhance a woman’s capacity to come more deeply into her felt sense of the body. Included in each practice is a time of relaxation.
Benefits include:
🌹 Deepening the relationship with your body
🌹 More awareness of your energy and internal compass
🌹 Permission to be you
🌹 Joy
🌹 Healing
🌹 Community 
🌹 Connection
“I highly recommend coming along. Kate’s classes are amazing, I’m loving them so much and they are helping me in all areas of my life. Plus I love how loved and supported we are in our beautiful circle- it feels so safe to be heard and to share.”

About Shakti Yoga

🔻Shakti Yoga is a womb-centred yoga which offers a way to awaken and tune into the energy of Shakti. It is designed specifically for the female body and cycles and sees the physiology of the female body as gateways to connect more deeply in our bodies and tune into the energy of Shakti. 

Shakti Yoga includes mudras, mantras and movement rituals as women are somatically guided to tune into and move their body, thus cultivating a deeper relationship with herself. Shakti Yoga is gentle, nurturing and enlivening, connecting women more to their life essence, and to reclaim and feel more sensual and powerful in their feminine energy as they deepen into practice.
🔻 At the heart of Shakti Yoga is the practice of embodiment, which refers to the process of fully inhabiting and experiencing our bodies as sacred vessels for the divine.
It is a transformative yoga practice that paves a pathway to being able to fully inhabit and express from the body, to enhance a woman’s vitality, and widen her capacity to feel more pleasure and aliveness in everyday life. The practice often brings a sense of ‘coming home’ into our bodies and a sense of aliveness within.

In Shakti Yoga the Womb is the centre of our practice

🔻In Shakti Yoga, we connect anatomically and energetically to the womb – as well as to other parts of the body during the practice. Being womb-centred means the womb is honoured as an energy centre of creation, which is an underlying principle of Shakti Yoga and our practice.

This does not exclude those who have had their womb removed as the energetic blueprint and essence of the womb remains. During practice you will be invited to bring your awareness and attention to your womb, and at times your ovaries and cervix, and know, if yours have been removed, you can connect to the essence of their energy which still lives within you.

“On a more esoteric level, the body of woman is considered a direct portal into Goddess consciousness, and the womb an incredibly powerful gateway to this gnosis – or direct knowing of our divine femininity.”

Jasmine Rose, creator of Shakti Yoga.

Shakti Yoga & Tantra

🔻 Shakti Yoga has its roots in the ancient wisdom of Tantra. The history of Tantra is rich and complex, and can be seen as a system of philosophy that expands on the nature of reality.

Sally Kempton describes tantra as seeing the world as a weaving of energies, all of them aspects of the energy of the divine, and therefore, all of them sacred.
🔻 Shakti is Imminence. That which is form and becomes everything in creation. Shakti is everything-ness.
🔻 Shiva is Transcendence and formless. Shiva is nothing-ness.
In non-dual Tantra, both are needed for creation. They are not separate and constantly flow into each other. Like water that can’t be separated from its wetness or fire that can’t be separated from its heat, they are inseparable.
Tantra offers us methods to see Life as a Sacred Practice itself. It gives us technologies on how we can bring a higher awareness to our human experience. It is about feeling the connection to the Divine in all aspects of our lives as humans and embracing all of reality.
Tantra is the foundation of Shakti Yoga as it offers us an exploration of knowing and feeling that Spirit and Matter are connected and everything is divine in its essence.
“A beautiful journey of continued embodiment and waking up to the Goddess within. The series continues to inform a deeper knowing and trust in Self and the intelligence of the body and feeling into the magic of being incarnate in this body. Kate your presence and guidance is second to no circle I have been part of. You are truly a circle facilitator par excellence and love every moment of it.”

Currently, these luscious 3 hour retreats are being run seasonally.

This retreat is inspired by the season Autumn.

This comes with an invitation to honour what we are releasing rather ignoring, suppressing or pushing through. It is also the season to honour our sensual delight and life force energy.

Together we will honour the medicine of both release and decent, while exploring and reclaiming our sensuality, opening more pathways to pleasure in our bodies.

It is a time to soften, surrender and slow down. It is a time to feel and BE with what feels enlivening within, and enhances our own vitality.

“There is a place in my heart
When I sink down and in
Where I am surprised to discover
I am already whole
My mind is suspicious
Yet it is undeniably true
There is a place in my heart
When I sink down and in
Where I discover my problems
Are not actually problems
But places of wild tenderness
Where I find myself again
When I sink down and in
When I slow down inside
When I trust enough
To melt
I find
I am only ever meeting
And this meeting
Is the truth
It is the secret desire
Inside all desires:
All I ever really wanted
Was me”
~Maya Luna
From OMEGA: Feral Secrets of the Deep Feminine

Hi, I’m Kate.

My passion for supporting women to deepen their connection to their bodies began as I wanted to share medicine that had transformed my own life. In 2013 I started attending a feminine embodiment yoga class – which I continued to attend for years, until my first teacher and mentor, Wendy Phillis stopped offering them. It was these classes that changed so much for me.
I used to feel numb, shut down and stagnant. I felt disconnected from my body wisdom, my emotions and generally lacked a sense of vitality and pleasure in life.
I still remember a day that I stood by my fireplace feeling so much sadness and grief. There was a sense of energetically turning my attention to meet and see these feelings. For the first time, I stayed with the big feelings and allowed them to move me as I cried and sobbed.
I realised I had come to this meeting place of being with, rather than running from these feelings, because of all the practice I had of slowly meeting myself in these yoga classes. That moment was key for me to really connect to the growth I had made without even noticing. A nourishing gift I was only just beginning to see it potency of.
I didn’t need to DO anything, but just BE. I had started to enter my own internal mystery with the gentle movements and their intentions in a circle of other women moving at their own pace. And how the energy of that container also supported me more to drop even deeper into presence of my own body and feelings.
Somewhere along the way I allowed the gentle whispers of my intuition to take centre stage. And in one such class, I had a vision of me sharing these types of circles, in my own way, with other women.
So I said YES.
Soon afterward I began a teacher training for dance and movement. It was so much fun and I loved how alive and how much energy was in my body after participating in the practices. It made so much sense to me to blend some of the yoga with dance! This became a personal practice for me and felt so wonderful, that I created the first ever Embodied Dance Circles.
And in time, Shakti Yoga unexpectedly found her way into my inbox! In 2022 I completed my 9 month teacher training with my teacher and mentor, Jasmine Rose, which was such a beautiful deep dive into the magic of feminine yoga and embodied practice. I loved how the practice of Shakti Yoga put my body, my womb, my full experience as a human woman as the centre of practice.
To really come home into my body, my senses, my feelings and all that is me, is powerful medicine. And so Shakti Yoga & Embodied Dance was birthed evolving from just the Embodied Dance Circles.
Shakti Yoga became my 3 hour one-off retreats held seasonally and Shakti Yoga & Embodied Dance turned into the 5 weeks series offered during term. I love that I now get to be part of this medicine that has supported and contributed to me in so may ways!
During my journey I experienced wild imagining’s, potent energy, heartbreak and joy, the magic and mystery and deep love simmering, twirling and dancing in a wild concoction of humanness being explored by the Divine within my own inner felt sense during the years of being in these spaces. I LOVED meeting my body via the physical gateways of my female body – talking about and connecting to my yoni and womb, alongside finding my voice and experiencing my heart in a whole other dimension.
I welcome you to join me in this wild passionate and deeply fulfilling venture of knowing your body as a temple of revelation and wisdom.
With love,

Book Your Shakti Yoga Retreat

28th July

The price for each 3 hour retreat is $58. This includes light refreshments and tea served at the end.

Each session is held in my Home Temple which is located in Richardson, ACT. Address will be provided upon booking.

No. These retreats are specifically for female bodies.

Yes! This is for all females. If you have had your womb removed, you still have the blueprint and energetic essence of the womb within you.

Nope! All bodies, all shapes, all ages and all fitness levels are welcome. This practice is more about the FELT sense, rather than 'performing' or getting something 'right'.

If you need to ask something not covered here, please contact me via this page.