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Foundation for Meditation

Kate Dillon |
What is meditation and why is it important?

What is Meditation?

In circle there is always an element of meditation. So what is it?
When a persons mind is either totally quiet or completely focused, meditation is being practiced.
Meditation is about training in awareness and focused attention.
It is a skill that can be learned. Just like working out muscles, you need to keep practicing to see results.
It is not about being perfect. It is simply about the practice.
There are a diverse range of meditation styles and techniques.  It can be practiced by anyone.
Meditation has been recorded in history for thousands of years and is found at the core of religious traditions.
Meditation can also been seen as a universal spiritual wisdom. It leads from us the mind to the heart.
Research has shown that meditation counteracts the effects of stress. It essentially is the opposite of the stress response and can disengage us from the stress response. It also showed that a meditation practice helps people achieve balance both mentally and physically.
Modern science has researched the effects of meditation and shown that the mental changes that occur during the practice of meditation alter brain waves. These altered states cause physical reactions in the body that promote healing and well being.
*Image by Artem Kovalev