My interest in birth began with my first pregnancy – I loved learning all things birth. However my birth experience left me feeling dis-empowered and confused, even while I was physically fine.
As a result my second pregnancy was more emotionally focused as I prepared to birth my son. I had a successful VBAC and a lotus birth.
These birth experiences, while being very different, taught me how important it is to feel safe, heard and supported. I learned how important it is to understand and be educated about the birth process so that I was empowered to make my own informed decisions.
A few years later when my sister-in-law became pregnant, she asked me to support her in the birth of her first child. It was an honour to say yes and be with her.
I loved supporting and witnessing birth in the raw power that it is.
Throughout all this I became really interested in how to support people in their birth experiences so they can feel empowered, safe, and be heard for their own choices.
This became a passion of mine –  to support women in bringing their awareness into their amazing bodies during pregnancy, and to be with them, and hold space for them, as they journey into parenthood in whatever way they desire and in however that unfolds for them.
I went on to support both my sister-in-law’s and my sister in the birth of their 5 children over a few years. During this time I also completed my training in 2020 through the Australian Doula College.
I would love to support you in how you choose to birth your baby into this world.
I am happy to meet for an obligation free meet and greet or chat  – simply reach out!