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Women's Circles

Circles offer a gentle space for women to come together and  share in ceremony and to nourish their soul though connection, celebration and community.
These circles of women around us weave invisible nets of love that carry us when we feel weak & sing with us when we feel strong.

Why Circle?

Women have long gathered in circles to share their stories, thoughts, ideas and experiences. Circles offer a gentle space for women to come together and share.
Circle allows that everyone within is equal – there is no hierarchy. Everyone and every expression is valued and honoured equally.
Sacred circles are based on compassion and the knowing that each women is whole.  We learn so much from one another. We witness each other and allow ourselves to be seen and heard, honored, loved and enjoyed.  I believe circles are SO valuable and important as they give us time and space to honour ourselves individually and also collectively.
In Circle we understand we are not trying to fix anyone. There is no judgement or criticism. We choose to believe deep down, with whatever is happening for each woman, they know their own answer and what they have to do to walk their path. We simply listen whole heartedly to what another woman has to say, and we receive being heard in our wholeness. 
women circle(1)

There is a place in my heart
When I sink down and in
Where I am surprised to discover
I am already whole
My mind is suspicious
Yet it is undeniably true
There is a place in my heart
When I sink down and in
Where I discover my problems
Are not actually problems
But places of wild tenderness
Where I find myself again
When I sink down and in
When I slow down inside
When I trust enough
To melt
I find
I am only ever meeting
And this meeting
Is the truth
It is the secret desire
Inside all desires:
All I ever really wanted
Was me

~Maya Luna
From OMEGA: Feral Secrets of the Deep Feminine

Nurture Your Inner Realms

Somewhere, there are people to whom we can speak with passion without having the words catch in our throats.

Somewhere a circle of hands will open to receive us, eyes will light up as we enter, voices will celebrate with us whenever we come into our own power.

Community means strength that joins our own strength to do our work that needs to be done. Arms to hold us when we falter. A circle of healing.  A circle of friends. A place where we can be free.

~ Starhawk

What Women Are Saying

Nicole Chini
Nicole ChiniLover & Author
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For those who are curious and thinking about joining one of Kate's circles. Do it. I've attended a few of Kate's circles and every single one of them leaves me feeling more in touch and more IN love with my own self than any other "practice" I can give myself. Kate offers a beautiful safe haven for women to get together, share, dance and move without judgement. Highly recommend isn't a strong enough word for this ❤
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I have been doing Kate's dance circle for over two years, and I must say I rarely miss a class. This dance session has become part of my weekly ritual, where I find myself anchoring my intentions for the week and also calling in my soul journey as I begin the week. As a therapist, I find these sessions a powerful somatic self-healing ritual in enhancing my ability to stay present to myself. I couldn't recommend these sessions highly enough if you are looking for a tool to increase somatic awareness and develop intimacy with your body and sensations💜. Kate's ability to hold a gentle, empathic and safe container is pretty spesh. Quite the offering!
Kerrie Martin
Kerrie MartinEnergy Healer
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I highly recommend coming along. Kate’s classes are amazing, I’m loving them so much and they are helping me in all areas of my life. Plus, I love how loved and supported we are in our beautiful circle- it feels so safe to be heard and to share x
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Thanks Kate for the beautiful session today. I just wanted you to know -so so relaxing -your voice is soothing and it was beautifully guided throughout. -the flow of the sequences was great -the music was also well chosen -the atmosphere & setting was beautiful & warm
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I’m so grateful for the circles - they are incredibly grounding, nourishing and liberating, and I’m really starting to feel shifts from the cumulative effect too. It’s a beautiful journey each time with all the thoughtful details from the anointing essence at the start to the fire (during winter), altar space and poetry. And your personal flavour and gifts create the fullness of the experience - from the banging playlists, your infamous voice, the emotional safety to express and be held and witnessed and the deep feminine guidance to slowly and naturally weave us into connection with our bodies.