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About Me

Hello and Welcome. I’m so glad you found me!

I’m Kate; a Mother and a home educator living in the Tuggeranong region of Canberra.

I create sacred spaces to support you in connection to your body.

Offering Women’s Circles and the deeply relaxing Lomi Lomi Bodywork, I seek to deepen your connection to your own body supporting you to connect to your own innate wisdom.

I love making body products and have created a rich and organic Body Butter & Face Oil to feed your skin with nourishing oils.

I’m currently immersed in a 9 month Shakti Yoga Teacher Training with Jasmine Rose and look forward to adding this womb centered yoga late in 2022.


A little of what inspired my jounrey


Life changed so much for me with the birth of my first son.

My heart cracked open and I was led into places I had never considered before.

I found myself exploring Aware Parenting, taking onboard attachment parenting, all the while dealing with the left over impact of a birth that left me numb, feeling dis-empowered and struggling to breastfeed.

Finding out I was pregnant with my second son came as a huge unexpected shock. This became a catalyst for a lot of change!

With some listening support I began to connect to my inner realms, my feelings and emotions.

I researched more about pregnancy, birth and how I wanted to mother my children.

These aspects inspired me to later study and get certified as a Birth Doula.

In 2013 I started attending Tigress Yoga. I did this yoga and other feminine based yoga classes for many years to follow.

I still remember the day when I felt its impact on me. I had been standing by the fireplace feeling so much sadness and grief. There was a sense of energetically turning my attention to meet and see these feelings. For the first time, I stayed with the big feelings and allowed them to move me as I cried and sobbed.

I felt I had come to this meeting place of being with, rather than running from these feelings, because of all the practice I had of slowly meeting myself in these feminine based yoga class.

I realised it had changed my life. I realised I had more willingness to feel.

That moment was key for me to really connect to the growth I had made without even noticing. A nourishing gift I was only just beginning to see the potency of.

I didn’t need to DO anything, but just BE.

I felt inspired to become a yoga teacher in this feminine style of yoga. At the time I wasn’t able to support this dream, it would come later!


I came across an amazing style of dance as a way to connect into our bodies wisdom and signed up for the initiation teacher training.


AND I knew that I would never offer a class that way.

I put all the pieces from this modality into my inner cauldron with all the other embodied movement I had immersed myself in over the years and birthed Embodied Dance Circles.

This was a powerful practice that supported me in many ways.

I continue to offer this on Monday evenings.

I made the choice to become a birth doula and did my doula studies via the Australian Doula College and completed my certificate in early 2020.

I had the wonderful opportunity to support the birth of 5 of my nieces and nephews! I loved being in the birthing space.

However, it turned out to be poor timing to enter the birth world!

With lock-downs and reduced support people allowed in the birthing space, beginning a business was challenging. I made the decision to put my birth doula work on hold.


*Artwork by Monique van der Pol

In early 2021 I was inspired to head to Queensland to learn Ka Huna Massage at Mette’s Institute.

It was such a wonderful retreat that I returned a few months later to complete the next level of training.

I began to offer this Hawaiian style of massage from my home-based clinic and also from a clinic space in the Vitality Health Centre in Tuggeranong.

I went on to complete more training with Awen Massage Therapy and also completed a certificate in the Heartwoks Lomi Lomi.

Offering the nourishing Lomi Lomi Bodywork Massage has been deeply fulfilling part of my journey.

I love offering massages to all bodies!