Kate Dillon


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Kate Dillon

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Hello, I'm Kate

I support people to feel grounded, nourished and revitalized in their body, mind & heart with massage & yoga for women.
Sessions available in Canberra.

Work with Me

Lomi Lomi & Ka Huna

Relaxation massage

Womb & Fertility

Massage for all women

Transforming Touch

Nervous System support

Group Offerings

Shakti Yoga & Embodied Dance

5 week yoga series for women

Shakti Yoga

Seasonal Retreats for women

Hello, I’m Kate,

I’m passionate about supporting people to deepen their connection to their bodies which I do in the following ways:
🌺 For all people I offer the nurturing and flowing Lomi Lomi & Ka Huna Relaxation Massage to provide deep relaxation, space to de-stress, feel connected,  rejuvenated and pampered in body, mind & heart.
🪷 In a Transforming Touch session people are supported to de-stress with an increased sense of safety regulation to their nervous systems through touch being offered to key areas of the stress physiology to bring more balance between the physical, intellectual, emotional & spiritual self.

I also work specifically with women only in two ways; Shakti Yoga Circles and Womb & Fertility Massage.

🔻 In Shakti Yoga, I facilitate women on a movement journey through a womb-centred yoga practice. Women are guided to turn their gaze inwards to nourish their relationship to their womb, their heart, and their voice. Being able to fully inhabit and express from these powerful centres enhances a woman’s vitality and widens their capacity to feel more pleasure and aliveness in everyday life.
🌹 In a Womb & Fertility Massage session, you can be expected to be treated like the goddess you are! Not only is this a deeply relaxing, non-invasive and a thoroughly nourishing physical massage treatment, it is also an emotional and spiritual journey. These sessions are for any woman who enjoys feeling cared for and tended to, in a way that can restore balance in the body.
Sessions are currently available in southern Canberra.

What Clients Say

Kerrie Martin
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"Hello, I had my first Ka Huna massage with Kate. Oh my goodness it was phenomenal. The beautiful sweeping strokes with coconut oil gliding over my bare skin sent me off into a land of bliss. It was just what I needed to release all my stress and tension and re-ground me. I highly recommend Kate, she is such a joy to be around, so heart centred and now to add Ka Huna to her amazing abilities and qualities is the icing on the cake. I would highly recommend giving back to yourself and setting aside 90mins to switch off from the world and be pampered by this amazing lady."
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"Kate is amazing, I highly recommend booking in with her! I have had two massages from her and they were the most embodied bodywork experiences I have ever had."
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"Hi Kate. I just wanted to thank you for the most beautiful experience today! I thought KaHuna was amazing. Lomi Lomi is out of body! Such a nurturing, spiritual way to experience massage. I can’t wait to return."
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"Kate is amazing, her space is so warm and inviting and you never want to leave. Definitely feel leaving relaxed and refreshed!"
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"Yesterday I had the absolute honour of receiving a Kahuna massage from an absolutely gorgeous soul Kate Dillon. I felt so safe, held, nurtured and I am so grateful for this. It was exactly what my body needed. Unconditional loving touch. I've included the pic of myself because I am feeling so serene and at peace. If you are keen to experience this for yourself why not check out Kate's website. You wont regret it! Time very well spent! Highly recommend ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️"
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"This style of massage was new to me and now that I've had one, I'll definitely be going back for more. Kate is a really skilled massage therapist and made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Highly recommend!"
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"I enjoyed this massage from beginning to end. Kate is a caring and grounded healer. The effects of this massage stayed with me for some time after. I slept after it, slept all through the night and felt clear and relaxed the next day."
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"Kate has a gentle and discreet manner. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience today. It was a wonderful massage."
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"Kate has a very deep intuitive way with her professional service. Her combination of mixing Kahuna and Lomi Lomi culminates in the creation of a space to physically and mentally let go and be nurtured to rejuvenate. The client also hears well selected, low level, experience enhancing music. I highly recommend Kate for anybody going through an emotionally challenging time or needing to gently recharge themselves. Kate’s conscientious intuitive approach is expressed in her high standard of work."
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"The whole massage was beautiful, start to finish. I felt safe, respected and held. I felt like I was being held by the Ocean (held by Mumma Gaia). I slept so well that night and have felt energised ever since. This is the first time I’ve had Hawaiian massage and I loved it and nervous system thanked me for it!"
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"My massage with Kate was bliss. I appreciate the safe, nurturing environment Kate provides and the love and care she puts into her work. Kate is very knowledgeable and professional with her techniques and I floated out feeling I had been given a truly high quality experience. I highly recommend Kate to anyone wishing to experience deep relaxation and healing and regain balance within themselves."
Kate Gutierrez
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"I had three TEB sessions with Kate and in all I felt held and supported. Kate paced these sessions beautifully which soothed my nervous system. Healing wasn’t limited to the sessions themselves either - I experienced good sleep and emotional shifts in the days following. Highly recommended!"
Jasmine Rose
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"I was fortunate enough to receive a womb massage/Lomi Lomi session with Kate, and wow! I’m a womb massage practitioner myself, and super fussy about who lays their hands on me… but with Kate I felt complete trust and was very much able to let go and deeply receive. So much energy was freed up in my pelvis and abdominal area, and I felt really centered in my womb for the days to come. Kate is deeply attuned and her own embodiment as a Shakti Yoga Teacher really contributes to the quality of what she offers in these sessions. If I lived closer, I’d be booking regularly with Kate in a heartbeat!"

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